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The 20 Australian Wines with a Perfect 100 point Robert Parker score

After writing my last post, Can you guess how many wines have received a 100 ‘Parker Points’, I was thinking a lot about the usefulness of wine scores.

I came across a really interesting quote from Decanter critic Andrew Jefford about how “the language of wine is, of necessity, highly metaphorical and hence puzzling: these are not plain words.” He was speaking to the Wine Communicators of Australia, and he urged his audience to “not just think about wine with passionate intensity, but about language too.” (Wine and Astonishment by Andrew Jefford,, May 2012)

As an ex-smoker from way back, I can still remember the delicious smell of tobacco – a descriptor often used to describe an element of the bouquet of some mature reds – but I wonder whether young people today are still familiar with it? Ditto for eucalypt, which is used to describe a distinct aroma of some Australian cabernet sauvignon. I’ve seen American wine writers replace menthol for eucalypt, which makes sense because the vast majority of Americans have probably never seen, let alone experienced the smell of a eucalypt forest.

No wonder wine scores are so useful!  While most of us can differentiate over 1,000 aromas, not everyone has the same vocabulary or library of smells to draw on. Wine scores help us to cut-through the jargon. 90 points typically indicates that a wine is very good but 100 points signifies that it must be exceptional. And since wine is very much a sensuous experience, we can feel confident that imbibing a 100 point wine will in all likelihood be quite a remarkable and memorable experience. Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to try one of the 100 ‘Parker Point’ wines listed below:

  • Penfolds Grange 1976 
  • Torbreck The Laird 2005
  • Chris Ringland (formerly Three Rivers) Shiraz  1998, 2001, 2002, 2004
  • Greenock Creek  Roennfeldt Road Cabernet Sauvignon 1998 and 1992
  • Greenock Creek Roenfeldt Road Shiraz 1995, 1996, 1998  and 2002
  • Greenock Creek Block Shiraz 2001 and 2003
  • Seppeltsfield Para Port Vintage Tawny 1909, 1908 and 1910
  • Seppetlsfield 104 Museum Oloroso NV
  • Trevor Jones Shiraz Liqueur NV
  • Trevor Jones Tokay Liqueur NV

Merrill Witt, Editor


The Chris Ringland Shiraz 1998 and the Penfolds Grange 1976 are available on the Cellarit Wine Market

Photo Credit: Vinfolio



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One Response to The 20 Australian Wines with a Perfect 100 point Robert Parker score

  1. Jon Elliott says:

    We drank bottle of the 2001 Greenock Creek, Creek Block Shiraz with dinner last weekend. It was the second time that I had tried it, the last time being in 2007. I was a little taken aback by how little development that the wine exhibited. It was huge but faultless. The wine is a proverbial iron fist in a velvet glove. Cellared well the wine will continue to flirt with perfection for 30 or more years.

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