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Jul 07 2013

50 Wines to Try in 2013: Pizzini Coronamento Nebbiolo

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In his 96 point review of the Pizzini Coronamento Nebbiolo 2002, The Wine Front’s Campbell Mattinson predicted the birth of an Australian classic:

This wine will become known as an Australian classic. In 15 years time you will hear about it, and wish that you had shelled out for some. It has been meticulously put together, and tastes magnificent: like tea leaves, like licorice, like leather, like malt, like burnt coffee, like heaven. It has a lot of tannin, every ounce of it ripe. It has a lot of acidity, every drop of it completely part of the wine. It has length. This wine was so good, it made me redefine the parameters of what I thought was possible. It’s price, while high, should be compared with world nebbiolo prices – because this wine deserves to be ranked among them. This is staggeringly good. (Campbell Mattinson, The Wine Front, 9 January 2007)

Mattinson is certainly not alone in his high praise for Pizzini’s flagship nebbiolo. The Coronamento Nebbiolo is widely regarded as Australia’s best example of the nebbiolo and has a price to match its reputation – the current 2005 vintage retails for $135.

Pizzini’s success in creating a wine that warrants comparison even with some of the finest examples of Barolo and Barbaresco owes much to the vision and leadership of Pizzini founder and proprietor Alfred Pizzini.

Alfred was one of the first winemakers to introduce Italian varieties in Australia, planting nebbiolo and sangiovese in the mid 1980s on the undulating slopes of his vineyard in northeast Victoria’s picturesque King Valley.

The cool climate and the well-drained soils proved ideal conditions for creating nebbiolo with the characteristic hallmarks of the original from Italy. Like great Barolo and Barbaresco from northwest Italy’s Piedmont region, the Coronamento Nebbiolo is a … Read the rest

Jul 07 2011

S.C. Pannell Nebbiolo 2007: An Aussie Wine to Put up Against a Top Barolo!

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I always enjoy the opportunity to attend the annual Chef of the Year Dinner of the Wine & Food Society of New South Wales. Not only does the evening showcase the food of last year’s Chef of the Year but, as might be expected, a lot of thought goes into matching the food with the wine.

One of the most interesting pairings was the filet de porc a la creme de sauge with a 2002 Damillano Barolo and a 2007 S. C. Pannell Nebbiolo. The deliciously succulent roasted pork fillets in a light sage flavoured cream sauce worked beautifully with the nebbiolo offerings. But while the Damillano displayed some nice savoury notes and had more body than its pale colour would have suggested, the aromatic and delicately fruit-flavoured S.C. Pannell Nebbiolo 2007 was the winning wine of the pair.

Granted, the 2002 vintage was a shocker in Piedmont – the Northern Italian home of Barolo. Rain and hail decimated the crops and many of the top producers made no wine at all that year. No surprise then that the S.C. Pannell Nebbiolo stood out in comparison, although I’m sure this elegant, medium bodied nebbiolo would also look good against more worthy counterparts. In fact, British wine critic Matthew Jukes offered the following assessment of how the wine fared in another taste test: “Served blind, against three top Barolos and another extremely expensive rival Aussie Nebbiolo, this wine trounced the lot of them with its devastating truffle and blackberrry aromas and finely judged, refreshing tannins.” (S.C. Pannell website)

The 2007 vintage is Steve Pannell’s third release of the wine. It is a blend of five different clones from Gumeracha in the Adelaide Hills. It was hand harvested, crushed and vinified for 20 days in small open top fermenters, with … Read the rest