One of the great things about wine is that it’s the only collectible I can think of that is consumable. This desirable attribute not only means you can enjoy your collection with your friends, but it make keeping the size of your collection in check a bit easier!

While the perishable nature of wine means you need to factor the cost of proper storage into your collecting budget, compared to the cost of many other collectibles, wine is relatively inexpensive. Many great collectible wines still cost less than $100 a bottle, and for under $5,000 a year you can start to assemble a great collection for your drinking pleasure.

Below are the top three tips from experienced collectors based on many years of trial and error. For the novice collector, taking note of their advice may help you from repeating their sometimes costly mistakes. More experienced collectors are likely to recognise the wisdom of these very practical tips!

1. Collect wines that will age well

The number one tip from the former Chicago Tribune wine critic Bill Daley is to recognise that for a wine to age it has to have the right structure and complexity. Ageable wines are typically tannic, acidic, well-structured and complex.

Tannins, which are imparted to the wine from the grapes skin and the oak treatment, will soften over time, rounding out the body of the wine and making it less astringent or dry on the palate. The bouquet of the wine also adds extra layers of complexity and flavours as secondary characters like savoury, tobacco etc. start to develop. This is why drinking aged wines can be such a treat. (How to Collect Wine by Bill Daley, Chicago Tribune, 29 September 2010)

Campbell Mattinson of The Wine Front shares Daley’s opinion, noting that “Almost … Read the rest