By Guest Editor, David Hawkins, One Aussie’s Wine

It occurred to me last night when the silent movie The Artist won Best Picture at the Academy Awards that perhaps there’s a theme at work. My first clue came a few months back when I read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald pointing out how under-represented rock music was in the ARIA (Aussie Grammy equivalent) award nominations. This, coupled with the demise of New York’s sole FM provider of new rock music101.9 earlier, had led me to the conclusion that mine would be the first generation where parents would be telling their children to “turn the music UP”. The second piece in the cultural conundrum was the growing movement in my own wine circles away from ‘big’ wines in favour of more subtle, artisanal or traditional wines. The weekend WSJ article, extolling the rise of sommeliers vis-à-vis Robert Parker, provided mainstream confirmation.

So whereas the ’90s had given us Nirvana and Pearl Jam, a Best Picture winner in Braveheart, and Robert Parker, we now have Adele and Bon Iver, a silent movie, and wine lists where terroir and acid trump the clichéd “iron fist in the velvet glove”. With the exception of politics, where the Republican primaries and the Australian Labor Party’s poor imitation show that “restraint” is some distance off, are we going through a seismic shift? No doubt the Foo Fighters will keep rocking, Spielberg will keep us awake at the movies/home cinema and Parker will keep on scoring on, with the Chinese easily replacing the subscribers lost elsewhere.

But it seems clear we’ve moved into a new era now. The internet, with its blogs, and producer websites, and Cellartracker make the wine world so much smaller and easy to ‘rationalise’. Better educated sommeliers … Read the rest