Have you even wondered how wine gets a ‘buttery’ aroma? Turns out that one of the chemicals that gives butter its aroma – diacetyl – is also a by-product of malolactic fermentation, the process whereby the sharp malic acid of grapes is converted into the creamier lactic acid of dairy products. Gregory Dal Piaz from Snooth provides some great insights about how wines get all those wonderful and not so wonderful, eg. cat’s pee, aromas and tastes in his very interesting article, Wine Nose: Talking about Caramel, Vanilla… and Cat’s Pee? by Gregory Dal Piaz, Snooth, 13 October 2010.

At a recent Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong a 12-bottle case of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti 2005 sold for US$232,962, equating to approximately $US19,413 per bottle! Sotheby’s Big Wine Haul by Amy Ma, The Wall Street Journal, 4 October 2010. If you’re interested in learning a bit about the philosophy and wine making practices of the winery responsible for some of the most expensive wine on the planet, then take a look at  Searching for Perfection: A Rare Peek Inside the World’s Most Exclusive Wine Domaine in Burgundy by William Lyons, The Wall Street Journal 1 October 2010.

Photo Credit: Aesthetic Promenades. Domaine de la Romanée-Conti uses horses instead of tractors to till the vineyards!