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The Cellarit Loyalty Program

Earn points and credits towards free wine & champagne deliveries
Plus, benefits for other Cellarit services, too.

When you buy wine & champagne gifts we reward you with 100 loyalty points plus up to 1 3/4 credits for every $100 dollars spent. Each credit is worth $1 and when you have enough you automatically receive a free gift delivery!

Your Points Add Up Fast...

Activity  Points Awarded
Buying Wine  1 point per dollar spent
Selling Wine  1 point per dollar sold
Placing Wine into Storage  25 points per bottle (300 per dozen)
Referring a friend  Unlimited points & credits!

...And Determine Your Loyalty Tier, Storage Rates & Credits

Tier Level Points Required Buyer or Seller
(% of value)
Delivery Credit / $100 Spent Wine Storage
per doz/mo.
(after credit)
Cellarit Member Automatic 1.00%
$2.95 (or less)
Magnum tier 15,000 points 1.25%
$2.85 (or less)
Imperial tier 30,000 points 1.50%
$2.75 (or less)

*For each dollar of wine bought or sold you earn a percentage of the transaction as a credit.
Credits are like money, they automatically give you free deliveries or eliminate your storage fees.

Here's a summary of other loyalty program benefits you might benefit from:

» Wine Seller Benefits: Discounted pickup plus points and credits

Wine sellers don't miss out either! You may already know about our discounted 1st pickup, low rates and other features and benefits when you sell wine with Cellarit. Even better, for every $100 of wine you sell you earn 100 points plus up to 1 3/4 storage credits. Each point brings you closer to our lowest wine storage rate. Each credit is worth $1 towards discounted wine storage. So it's possible to pay little or no storage fees while selling your wine! (more about Selling Wine)

» Wine Storage Benefits: Lower storage rates plus reduced or free handling & transport

You earn points for every bottle of wine you place into storage, including wine you buy from the Cellarit wine market. As you can see from the Loyalty Tier table you're rewarded with progressively lower wine storage fees as you advance through the loyalty tiers. Even better, unlike other wine storage providers, it's not just the amount of wine you place into storage that determines your storage also earn points for buying wine, selling wine or referring friends!

Plus a world-first: Handling, transport and transit insurance fees that reduce over time...and even disappear!

Everybody hates handling fees. This unique feature rewards you with free handling credits each month, regardless of your loyalty tier level. So the longer your wine is in storage, the more handling credits you'll accrue. In fact, if you add or remove less than 25% of your wine collection each year you'll never pay another handling-in or handling-out fee! Plus, if you have enough handling credits you'll also enjoy FREE wine storage pickups or deliveries - inclusive of transit insurance. (more about Wine Storage)

» Refer Friends...And Earn The Same Points & Credits They Do!

That's right. Refer friends to Cellarit and you'll earn the same points they do each time they buy wine, sell wine or send wine into storage. For example, if your friend buys $100 of wine both of you earn 100 points plus up to 1 3/4 delivery or storage credits. The same applies whenever your friend sells wine or puts wine into storage - you both earn the same points and credits! So, if you enjoy Cellarit's service and value for money, don't delay, start clocking up extra points and credits today. We hope you agree it's a "win-win" for everybody when you help us to build the Cellarit community. Thank you in advance, we really appreciate your help!

  • Important: please use the refer a friend link to invite your friends if you want to earn referral points & credits ~

Your Loyalty Points & Credits Accumulate & Never Expire

Your points and credits accumulate over the period that you are a Cellarit member and never expire so you don't need to "use them or lose them".

Click here to see how many loyalty points & credits you have


Loyalty Program FAQs

If you have a question that is not displayed on this list, please contact us and we'll get back to you right away.



  • How do I register for the loyalty program?

Enrolment in the Loyalty Program is automatic when you register to become a Cellarit member. Membership is free and there are no annual fees.

  • What makes the Cellarit loyalty program different?

The Loyalty Program not only allows you to accumulate points for spending money but also for supporting the site in other ways. Examples include buying wine, selling wine, telling your friends about Cellarit or placing wine into Wine Storage. Perhaps the most important feature is that you points and credits never expire so that, over time, you can earn ever increasing benefits and credits. This feature rewards our long-term customers.

  • How do I earn loyalty points and what can I do with them?

Just about everything you do earns points including buying wine, selling wine, placing wine into storage and referring a friend (but you must use our invitation link above so that our computer system can link the registration of your friend to your loyalty point account). You can't actually "do" anything with your points,  their purpose is to determine your tier level. The more points you earn the higher your tier level...and the more significant your benefits.

  • What's a loyalty tier level and how do higher levels benefit me?

Tier levels are named after bottle sizes and each member's points are used to determine which tier level that they belong to. The more points, the higher the tier level. Your tier level determines 2 things: your rates for wine storage and also the amount of credits you receive for buying or selling wine. Our computer system refers to your tier level in order to determine how many credits you earn for buying or selling wine or how much you pay for wine storage.

  • What are credits and how do I get them and use them?

Credits are like money and each credit is worth $1 towards wine delivery or wine storage. Depending on your tier level, each dollar you spend buying or selling wine earns you up to 1 3/4 credits (e.g., $1.75 of value). Your credits are used automatically, you don't need to do a thing. When you have enough credits from buying wine you'll receive a free delivery. Or, if you've placed your wine purchase into wine storage your credits will go towards your storage invoice. Similarly, if you sell wine your credits will go towards your storage invoice so it's possible to earn free storage just by selling wine. When a credit is used we'll deduct it from your account until your balance is used up. Any unused credits stay in your account, they never expire.

  • It sounds complicated, how do I know that it's working properly?

We've designed the Loyalty Program to reward long-term relationships with our customers. A great deal of effort has gone into its design to make the process as user-friendly as possible. Every aspect of the program is automated and tracked by our computers behind the scenes. You'll always know where you stand in the program by referring to your points total in the Loyalty Program section. You will also have an itemised list that shows how your points were earned.

  • How do I know how many points and credits I've earned and the tier level I'm in?

After login, click on My Loyalty Program at the left of the screen. You will see a summary of your point total and your loyalty tier. In addition, a detailed listing of your point earning activity is provided.

  • Will the points for each activity or the amount of points for each tier change?

We intend to keep the entire Loyalty Program as consistent as possible to ensure that it rewards our customers appropriately. As we gain experience with how customers use the site it may become necessary to make changes. We will explain any changes fully and give customers advance notice before we implement them.