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Helping Customers for 20+ Years. Quietly.

Chances are you found Cellarit by a  friend's recommendation or a web search. We're the "quiet" one in the wine industry - we don't spend on radio, newspaper or magazine advertising. Our philosophy is keeping service high and prices low. Our tens of thousands of regular customers prefer it that way...and so do we.

Australia's largest selection of ~in-stock~ cellared wine

Thousands of different wines are in-stock and ready to ship. You're sure to find something that suits your tastes and budget. And if you're interested in selling wine, you've come to the right place.

Innovative wine storage with savings of 20-30%+

We're proud to offer some of the best wine storage services and features anywhere in the world - many of them unique - at a price you'll love. Cellarit owns its custom-built climate-controlled facility, employs its own staff and develops its own software for the ultimate in service and security for your wine.

Focused on service and value for money

You've seen internet wine companies come...and go. Our "secret" is simple: keep overheads low and provide great service and value. Send us an email and we'll respond right away. Call us and we'll pick up (or call you back straight-away if our lines are busy). Got a problem? We're here to help. Best of all, the investments we make in our people, technology and efficiency mean great value for you.

Why is Cellarit Different?

A total, reliable wine & storage solution

Other sites let you buy wine. Or sell it. Or store it. Cellarit brings all of these together in one easy to use website and oversees every step of the process so your experience is convenient, efficient and reliable. We designed Cellarit to take the hassle out of the process and put more wine - and wine enjoyment - in.

Saving you money

Cellarit is totally committed to providing services that are better, faster and cheaper than the alternatives. We started with a clean sheet of paper, some innovative ideas and mixed in some great technology. The results are cost savings that we pass on to you.

A meaningful loyalty program

Our Loyalty Program is a sincere "thank you" that rewards your support. You get points for everything you do so get real benefits faster. Such as discounts on Cellarit's already low-priced wine storage, deliveries and selling commissions. Your points accumulate year after year, earning you more and more benefits...and they never expire.

It's easier to do more

With some sites, you have to register and log in for everything you do. Others are complicated and hard to navigate. With Cellarit you don't have to sign up unless you want to buy, sell or cellar wine. We strive to keep the site as intuitive and easy to use as possible. We're always interested in your opinions about how we can improve our service to you.

The buy-wine market

The Cellarit buy-wine market features the largest selection of in-stock Australian wine anywhere.  The wines are listed for sale by our wine storage customers at competitive prices. But what really sets the Cellarit buy-wine market apart is its ease of use and super fast delivery.

Who's Behind Cellarit Wine & Storage?

Scott & Merrill Witt: Management Team

Scott relocated to Sydney from New York in 1992 with his Australian wife, Merrill. With over 25 years of wine related experience, Scott is the Managing Director of Cellarit, focusing on business development and improving Cellarit's website and services. Merrill, who holds several advanced degrees from Australia and the USA, is Cellarit's marketing manager and resident "wine-blogging" identity with an ever growing following and reputation to match.

Stephen Stacey: IT Manager

Stephen has been pushing Cellarit's technology from strength-to-strength for many years. Before joining Cellarit full-time, Stephen worked at Izilla Web Solutions, focusing mostly on Cellarit projects. Stephen is one of those rarities in the IT world: he has awesome technical skills combined with a deep understanding of our underlying business. It's a powerful combination that helps him to create and maintain an efficient and user-friendly website for our customers.

Properly Cellared Vintage Wine

  • Direct from Cellar
  • Quality Assured
  • Next Day Delivery
heavy-duty wine box for delivery and storage

Perfect storage, rigorous inspection & fast insured delivery assure quality at every step

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Earning Your Trust for 20+ Years. Quietly.

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