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All the best from the Cellarit Team during these difficult times,
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Simple, Low Wine Storage Fees

Storage $3.55 per dozen / month (or less*)
Insurance $0.075 per $100 / month (min. $0.05/bttl or less*)
Handling-In FREE!    Handling-Out FREE!   NO Account Fees!
*If you buy or sell wine you get account credits of 1.5% to 2.5% of the wine value

And you won't find these great money-saving features anywhere else

1. 6-packs are always half price and boxed magnums always count as 2 bottles

2. If you sell wine you get a 'sell, swap & save' discount of 12.5% to buy wine

3. FREE 'tasting dozens': get 12 different bottles from 12 different boxes

Low Cost Transport to Your Door

1st Dozen Add'l Dozens Transit Insurance
Sydney delivery
(next day)
$10.95 (or less) $7.95 (or less) 1% of wine value (or less)
view our transport calculator for other destinations Aus-wide and also pickup rates or see insurance cover

Other Fees & Charges

Optional Cataloguing Service: if you prefer not to advise us of incoming wine using the online Send Wine In form a hand-catalogue fee will apply

Wine Images $3 per bottle: We photograph incoming wines that have label or capsule damage, low ullage or other condition issues or information (such as Penfolds Red Wine Clinic certification labels), etc. To minimise fees, if several bottles of the same wine are all in substantially similar condition, we will take one image of a bottle that is representative of all and only charge 1 image fee accordingly.

Prices as of 1 Oct 2020

Grange loves proper wine storage

3 Months Free Storage

Open an account or sign in for
3 months FREE storage

(offer may expire at any time)

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    ***Free Storage Offer***

    You qualify for free storage if you have not stored your wine with Cellarit before. When your first shipment of wine arrives the free storage period starts and lasts for 3 months. Insurance is not included, it's charged at $0.075 per $100 / month (min. $0.05/bttl)

    Getting Started. First, please to open your account. It's free, it only takes a minute and there's no obligation. Then, click 'Catalogue My Wine' to create an inventory of your wine and determine values and 'Transfer to Cellarit' to schedule a pickup on any business day.

    What Happens Next. You'll receive a confirmation email with your pickup request details, list of wine and its insured value. Upon arrival we'll inspect and verify your wine vs. your inventory list, bar-code it and place it into your personal wine storage account. This process generally takes a week from pickup. You'll receive a detailed receipt report via email.

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As recommended by Storage King

As Australia's largest storage provider, Storage King knows all about keeping your possessions safe. This is why they exclusively recommend Cellarit for wine storage

Properly Cellared Vintage Wine

  • Direct from Cellar
  • Quality Assured
  • Next Day Delivery

Perfect storage, rigorous inspection & fast insured delivery assure quality at every step

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