Premium Wine Logistics - What Does It Cost?

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Cellarit offers highest-quality logistics services and technology, so we do cost a bit more. Our customers sell wine to top restaurants, bottle shops and mailing list consumers. They demand superior service and not excuses!

Prices (inclusive of GST)

Handling-in $0.55 per dozen (min. $5/receipt)
Storage $2.55 per dozen/mo.
Storage Insurance $0.06/mth per $100 (min. $0.04/bttl) view cover
Handling-out $2.95 per dozen or part thereof (min. $5/order)
Mixed dozens add $1.25/additional label per dozen
Printed Invoices
$2.00 per consignment
Printing / packing of your customer's invoice
    1st dozen / add'l dozen
Delivery Sydney   $10.95   /    $7.95  (next day)
Melbourne   $18.95   /   $10.95  (next day)
Brisbane   $21.95   /   $13.95  (next day)
use our rate calculator for all other destinations
Transit Insurance 1% of wine value view cover
Included in Our Service, Free of Charge:
  • Online real-time inventory management system
  • Email confirmations of all wine movements & sales
  • Full track & trace capabilities for you and your customers (if you include their email)
  • All orders proactively monitored and corrected (if necessary) by a dedicated staff member
  • Ability to automate communication of your orders to our system (requires a once-off integration fee)

Wine Sales

Why not list some of your wine in the Cellarit Wine Market? Cellarit takes care of the entire process and there's no handling or delivery fees when you sell wine. Proceeds are credited to your monthly account. It's free and easy to list your wine for sale. Upon a sale, there's a 12.5% seller's commission (min. $2.50/bttl) and 12.5% of the listing price (min. $2.50) is netted-out for the buyer's commission that's built into the listing price.

Notes & Definitions:

Prices current as of 1 January 2019

The term "bottle" refers to the standard 750ml size. Magnums are charged as 2 bottles; 1/2 bottles and 1/2 cases are 1/2 price.

The term "case" or "dozen" refers to twelve 750ml bottles any combination of bottles that equal 9000ml (12 x 750)

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