Wine Logistics - What Does It Cost?

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Cellarit offers highest-quality wine logistics services and technology, so we do cost a bit more. Our logistics customers sell to top restaurants, high-end bottle shops & discerning individuals. They demand superior service and not excuses!

Our Unique Guarantee:

  • If we can't locate any item in your inventory, we credit the full insured value, no excess
  • If there's breakage in storage or in the field, we credit the full insured value, no excess
  • If we're at fault for a delivery problem, we'll fix it as quickly as possible at no cost to you

Prices below are ex-GST

Account Setup No charge for setup, portal or support
Container Receiving FREE container destuffing
Handling-in $2.00 per dozen (min. $10.00/receipt)
includes arrival notification, pallet restack, product verification, product count, putaway & detailed stock report.
14 degrees, 70% humidity, no UV rays
Max. $3.59 per dozen/mo.*
Storage Insurance Max. $0.082 per $100 /mo.* (min. 0.055/bttl) view cover
includes our guarantee: if we can't locate it we pay for it
*Note: your storage & insurance fees drop every time your wine leaves our warehouse. This unique feature saves you substantial money vs fixed pallet rates.
Handling-out $5.00 per dozen or part thereof (min. $7.00/order)
Mixed dozens: add $2.50 per extra sku
    1st doz / add'l doz
Delivery Sydney $13.59 / $11.77 next day
  Also next day to Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Newcastle, etc. See our shipping calculator for Aus-wide delivery fees & transit times
Transit Insurance 1.14% of wine value, no excess on claims view cover
Futile Delivery $30 includes liaising/rearranging and redelivery
avoid futiles with our free pre-shipment alerts (below)
Printed Invoices
$3.00 per consignment
upload / printing / packing of your customer invoices
System Integration
A once-off fee applies depending on complexity
great for saving time & avoiding keyboard errors
Contract & Term No contracts, no minimum term, no hidden costs
see our terms & conditions for more information

Plus...Many Included Extras, Free of Charge:

  • Pre-shipment alerts to your customers so they can advise Cellarit of address and/or delivery date changes, and we'll fix them
  • Parallel tracking emails to your customers so they can follow their deliveries and contact Cellarit for any assistance or changes
  • Proactive monitoring of your deliveries from beginning to end by dedicated staff to head off potential issues before they happen
  • Plus other useful existing and forthcoming time & money saving features too numerous to mention...but you'll love them!

We're always open to ideas. Please let us know if we can do anything to make our service easier to use and/or better value.

Wine Sales & Commissions

You can list any of your wines for sale in the Buy Wine section of the Cellarit website
(note, the example uses retail prices and commissions, inclusive of GST)

  • It's free and easy to list your wine for sale. No sales, no commissions.
  • You set the price and quantity for sale, make changes or cancel whenever you like
  • If you ship a listed wine it's automatically removed from sale prior to dispatch
  • Cellarit takes care of everything incl. advertising, licensing, payments, pick, pack & delivery
  • You pay no logistics fees (handling-out, delivery, transit insurance) when you sell wine via Cellarit
  • Commission upon a sale is 25% of the listing price
    Example for a bottle sold by Cellarit to its buyer at $100:
    • $25 is the total commission netted out from the listing price
    • $75 is your wholesale price for tax and accounting purposes

Sales proceeds, net of commissions, are credited directly to your Cellarit account and can significantly offset your logistics fees, saving valuable cash flow.

Notes & Definitions:

Prices current as of 1 January 2023

  • "bottle" means 750ml, magnums are charged as 2 bottles; 1/2 bottles & 1/2 cases are 1/2 price
  • "case" or "dozen" means twelve 750ml bottles or any combination of bottles that equal 9000ml
  • "pallet" means 56 cases of twelve 750ml bottles or any combination of bottles that equal 9000ml

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Secure, climate-controlled wine storage prior to pick, pack & dispatch

Efficient B2B & B2C pick, pack & dispatch
Climate-controlled at 14 degrees / 70% humidity

Precise systems track bar-coded bottles owned by Cellarit's retail storage clients

Pin-point accuracy. Our no-excess guarantee:
"If we can't pick it, we pay for it", no excuses!

Cellarit wine logistics and distribution headquarters in Sydney, Australia

Cellarit is located in Sydney but ships Aus-wide:
Next-day to Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane, etc.

Wine sales support for logistics customers is only a few clicks away

Sell your wine online to Cellarit's retail buyers (optional) incl. advertising, licensing & delivery

Properly Cellared Vintage Wine

  • Direct from Cellar
  • Quality Assured
  • Next Day Delivery
heavy-duty wine box for delivery and storage

Perfect storage, rigorous inspection & fast insured delivery assure quality at every step

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