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  • Is all of the wine in stock?

    Yes, all wine is in stock and available for next-day delivery at the price and quantity listed.

    Our software automatically deletes bottles that are if a wine is listed, it's available for next-day delivery!

  • Some of the prices seem too cheap, why?

    Cellarit isn't a typical wine retailer. You may notice some unusually low wine prices or see the same wine listed at different prices. Our wine storage customers control their own listing prices and sometimes they just want a quick sale, so be on the lookout for bargains!

  • Is the wine in good condition?

    In general, unless a defect is noted, all wines are in excellent general condition and appearance.

    This means good fill levels, no evidence of leakage or heat damage and good labels and capsules. It does not mean the wine is perfect as there may be very minor cosmetic scuffs, etc. associated with normal cellaring, handling, shipping or age. Older vintages can also be expected to have lower fill levels than current vintages of the same wine.

  • I've bought wine - what about delivery and insurance?

    Delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Canberra as well as most cities in between is next-business day.  Add a day or two for delivery to most other Australian destinations. Transit insurance is included in the delivery fee*.

    When you choose 'Storage' at checkout, your wine storage account is established automatically. You can keep your wine in storage as long as you like. After that, we can deliver it to you or you can collect it.

    *Note: transit insurance (underwritten by QBE insurance) does not cover all possible transit risks (for example, heat damage). You may wish to review the transit insurance Terms & Conditions for coverage and exclusions accordingly.

  • I chose a specific delivery date, will my order arrive on that day?

    Experienced Cellarit staff use sophisticated software to pick, pack and dispatch your order on time every time, guaranteed! However, once your order leaves our warehouse, we rely on DHL's network for transport and delivery Australia-wide. Although 97%+ of deliveries are on time, sometimes delays can occur that are beyond our control. We do everything possible to ensure on time delivery, including proactively tracking each order and rectifying delivery issues as soon as we learn of them. Despite our best efforts, unfortunately a handful of orders won't arrive on the chosen date. If you experience a delay, please accept our apologies.

  • Is GST included in the price of the wine?

    Yes, all prices are inclusive of GST for wine delivered in Australia or placed into wine storage. You receive a full tax invoice via email. The tax invoice is not packed with the wine so please retain your email copy or print the attached PDF version.

  • Can I get a tax refund if I take wine out of Australia?

    Yes, a tax refund is available to Australians and non-Australians via the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS). We provide you with the tax invoice that you need to receive a refund of 23.59% when you leave Australia (1/11th of the wine price for GST and 14.5% for WET). You can claim the TRS refund at the airport.

    The following is a small portion of the information available from the Australian Customs Service web site.
    Please visit the website to view all of the details so that your refund is processed successfully

    "Purchases are eligible for refunds if:

    • they are purchased in the 60 days before you leave Australia
    • your purchases from any single business total $300 (GST inclusive) or more
    • you, the passenger, paid for the goods
    • you have an original tax invoice for the goods
    • you wear or carry the goods (unless they are liquids, gels or aerosols or oversized or bulky goods which the airline require to be checked in) as hand luggage aboard the aircraft or ship as you leave Australia, or check the goods in with your luggage after they have been verified by an officer at a Client Services counter."
  • Is international shipping available?

    Yes. Cellarit offers efficient international wine shipment by airfreight. Customs clearance times vary widely by country. In general, you should expect your wine in 1-3+ weeks.

    Rates are for delivery only; customs fees & taxes levied by local authorities are additional upon receipt. Cellarit can arrange for these taxes to be paid on behalf of gift recipients and charged to your credit card.

    We regret that Cellarit can not offer GST/WET tax rebates for wine shipped from Australia. You can receive a GST/WET tax rebate if you carry the wine out of Australia (see 'Can I get a tax refund?' above)

    Last, we apologise that it's very expensive to send wine by air internationally, the following rates are what it costs us to send the wine:

    Air-Freight Delivery Rates

    Note: magnums count as 2 bottles

    Hong Kong
    South Korea




    Up to 6 Bottles $275 $335 $365 n/a
    Up to 12 Bottles $300 $375 $425 n/a
    Add'l 1 to 12 bottles $300 $375 $425 n/a
  • Is there a returns policy?

    The success of Cellarit's business relies upon happy customers. Cellarit endeavours to provide the highest quality service and products and regularly invests in its staff, systems and procedures accordingly. We'll always try to solve any problem quickly and efficiently. However, we do work on very narrow profit margins to offer our customers the best possible value, so there are limits as a commercial necessity.

    • In general all sales are final. There are no refunds.

    Cellarit inspects all bottles when they enter our facility and any faults are noted. For example, a bottle might be noted as having an ullage (wine fill level) of "low shoulder" or there may be a "damaged capsule". References to label damage, such as "torn label" or "stained label" refer to the front label only. Any sign of poor previous storage conditions, such as evidence of leakage, is also noted. In the absence of a description to the contrary you can assume that the bottle is in excellent all-around condition for its age and type. Although we can verify the outward condition of the bottle we can't guarantee the quality of what's inside the bottle. Even the best and most recent bottles may be "corked","off" or have other problems after the bottle is opened, such as a spongy cork, etc. The risk is greater for older bottles, especially those with low ullage levels.

    When you purchase wine from the Cellarit Wine Market you are relying on Cellarit's expertise to accurately describe the outward condition of the bottle. At its sole discretion, Cellarit may accept a return.

    • If a return is approved you'll receive a Cellarit credit

    Contact us by phone or email within 24 hours of receipt and describe the problem. We'll notify you if we'll accept a return and provide you with instructions on how to proceed.

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