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  • What is Cellarit's Wine Storage Service?

    Cellarit's convenient wine storage service is designed to enable our members to store their wine in optimal conditions at highly competitive rates. Information about your wine is always available in My Wine Cellar and delivery is a only a few mouse clicks away.

  • How does the Free Wine Storage offer for new customers work?

    You qualify for this offer automatically if you have not stored wine with Cellarit before. When your first shipment of wine arrives into storage, the clock starts for the free storage period and lasts for 3 months. During the 3 month free storage period, there are no storage fees for all the wine you add to your account. Storage insurance is not included, it's charged at $0.09 per $100 / month (only for the days that your wine is in storage).

    Here's an example:
    • Your first shipment of wine arrives at Cellarit on 15 September (either by pickup or delivery by you, a winery or retailer, etc.)
    • From 15 September to 14 December more wine arrives at Cellarit, as much as you like
    • Storage is free and then charges start accruing from 15 December (you only pay for the days from 15 December to 31 December).
    • Storage insurance is charged from 15 September onward at $0.09 per $100 / month (only for the days that your wine is in storage)

    For more information, see the other FAQs on this page, see Wine Storage Overview What Does It Cost? Sign Upto Get Started Now* or call us on 1300 48 58 68 or Contact Us.

  • Will my wine be properly stored?

    Our facilities use the best technology available to maintain an ideal constant temperature of 14 degrees and 70% humidity. An 'air curtain' ensures that these conditions are not disturbed when the cool room is accessed. Vibrations are perfectly flat with the aid of laser beams. Conditions are monitored 24 hours a day and a graph of the conditions allows precise auditing.

  • Will my wine be secure?

    The Cellarit facility is monitored 24 hours a day by internal and external video equipment and security patrols. Within a secure complex, the building that houses the cool room is also home to the 24 x 7 control centre of a large security company. Inside this secure building the cool room itself is additionally monitored by video surveillance. Access inside the cool room is strictly limited to authorised personnel by a swipe card security system that records all entries.

  • Where are the Wine Storage facilities?

    Cellarit's Sydney facility is located in Wetherill Park and services Melbourne and Brisbane as well. The efficiency of our integrated retrieval and delivery system means that you will always have ready access to your wine without the need to deliver or pick it up yourself. Delivery or pick up in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane is a next day service available at extremely competitive prices.

How To:

  • How do I put my wine into Wine Storage?

    You can put wine you own into wine storage using 'Send Wine to Cellarit'. This feature allows you to create a list of wine intended for Wine Storage and you receive an email confirmation for your records. All wine is checked when it arrives at the Wine Storage facility against your list.Your wine is shown as "in transit" in your inventory until arrives safely.

    To have wine put into Wine Storage from the Wine Market, simply indicate Cellarit as the delivery address when you are finalising your purchase.

    Click here for our delivery address details.

  • How does the Free Wine Storage offer for new customers work?

    Wine pickups are handled on behalf of Cellarit by DHL on business days, Monday-Friday. After the steps outlined in "How do I put my wine into Wine Storage" above, and tick the box indicating a pickup, you'll receive a phone call from DHL prior to your pickup date. The call is to confirm all of your details and finalise the pickup booking. DHL will also send you shipping labels via email. These labels print-out on ordinary paper and you tape a label on each of your boxes.

    On the day of the pickup a driver will arrive to collect you wine, usually in the afternoon. We apologise that it's not possible to request a specific pickup time from DHL. Depending on your location the driver that collects your wine may be from DHL, Star Track or Australian Air Express (AAE).

    Note: the driver does not know that your pickup is on behalf of Cellarit or that your boxes contain (expensive) wine. There are thousands of drivers throughout Australia and Cellarit cannot vouch for all of them, so it's best to be discreet and not mention what's in your consignment. The drivers also don't know your consignment is fragile, and frankly, not all drivers pay attention to "fragile" stickers, so it's especially important that you pack your wine carefully to avoid breakage! See "How do I pack my wine for pickup" (below) for packaging tips.

  • How do I pack my wine for pickup?

    Packing wine for safe transit isn't difficult but it's important to observe some basics - please pack your wine:

    • in heavy-duty wine boxes*
    • with dividers between the bottles,
    • and bubble wrap or "cushioning" material, such as crumpled newspaper, all around the bottles
    • and finally seal each box with clear packing tape, available from hardware stores or Australia Post outlets
    * Notes:
    • Cellarit can supply heavy-duty boxes/dividers for $6.00/box delivered, min. $30.00 per delivery
    • Wine in "original" boxes is not suitable for safe transport. Bottles can be removed and repacked (as above) or the entire original box can be packed into an additional outer carton. Cellarit boxes will fit up to 2 x original 6-packs, individually boxed magnums, etc. plus cushioning material. If you'd like to order boxes before pickup, please contact us.

    We apologise that wine not packed as described may not be covered by the insurer in the event of breakage. Please note that a $500 excess applies for each and every claim. Transit insurance (underwritten by QBE insurance) doe not cover all possible transit risks (for example, heat damage). You may wish to review the transit insurance Terms & Conditions for coverage and exclusions accordingly.

  • How do I get my wine from Wine Storage?

    To have wine delivered from Wine Storage, simply choose 'Transfer From Cellarit' in My Cellar. Easy to use forms will guide you through selecting the quantities you want delivered and confirming the delivery address and charges. The Cellarit system will generate the request for your wine to be retrieved, packed and delivered. Our delivery service is integrated with our warehouse software to keep track of your wine all the way to your door. Delivery to metropolitan Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane is a next day service. Delivery to other areas varies by location.

Costs & Payments:

  • What does Wine Storage cost?

    Our Wine Storage rates are highly competitive. Your specific rate depends on your level in the Loyalty Program. We designed our Wine Storage services from a clean sheet of paper and incorporated the latest technology and warehousing know-how to ensure a high level of efficiency. That means we can keep our Wine Storage rates amazingly low. Consider what you're paying now and then go to "What does it cost " in the Wine Storage area of the site to see what you will save.

  • Do I pay for a full month if I take wine out or close my account?

    No. You only pay storage and insurance fees for the days of the month that your wine is in storage. For example, if you have 100 bottles and you take 12 of them out of storage on the 10th day of the month, you only pay for 10 days of storage and insurance for those 12 bottles. If you take out all 100 bottles on the 10th day of the month and close your account, you only pay for 10 days of storage and insurance for all 100 bottles. Similarly, when you put wine into storage, you only pay storage and insurance fees for the days of the month that your wine is in storage.

    Furthermore, because Cellarit's fees are billed in arrears and not in advance you don't have to worry about forfeiting any pre-payments. If you do choose to close your account by taking out all of your wine, we'll calculate an estimate of your fees for the month and take a pre-payment from your credit card to cover your final invoice.

  • Is insurance available?

    Yes. Both transit and storage insurance are available.

    Although every effort is made to prevent breakage during transport and provide a secure facility, insurance is required via our master policy, underwritten by Lumley. Please see the detailed information in our Terms and Conditions section. Current insurance rates are listed in the What does it cost section.

    The Cellarit system makes insuring your wine an easy and precise process. In the My Wine Cellar section you can assign a value to each of your wines for insurance purposes. In fact, you can use the convenient link provided to query the Wine Searcher data base for your wine's current value. The system will display the total value of your collection at the bottom of your inventory. You can update your values at any time.

  • What are my payment options?

    Storage fees are invoiced in arrears, meaning that fees for January are invoiced on February 1st.

    Cellarit accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. You may also pay by cheque or bank transfer.

    • Payment by credit card (Autopay)

    Most storage customers choose the convenience of an automatic monthly payment. Your card is charged on the 1st day of each month for fees incurred during the prior month. You receive a complete itemisation of all charges sent via email. To elect the autopay option, just add your credit card details to your account page (click on My Details after sign in).

    • Payment by credit card (Non-Autopay)

    If you prefer not to enrol in Autopay, you may still pay by credit card. You receive a detailed invoice on the first of each month via email. Just sign in to your account, click on the link to your invoice and enter your credit card details to pay.

    Alternatively, if you don't wish to pay by credit card, you may

    • Send us a cheque:
      Cellarit Pty Ltd
      P.O. Box 375
      Double Bay NSW 1360
    • Pay via bank transfer (within Australia):
      Cellarit Pty Ltd
      BSB: 062-156 Account: 1008 3243
      (please note your invoice reference number)
    • Pay via bank transfer (from outside Australia):
      Cellarit Pty Ltd
      Commonwealth Bank, Double Bay NSW
      BSB: 062156 Account: 10083243
      Swift Code: ctbaau2s
      (please note your invoice reference number)
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    You qualify for free storage if you have not stored your wine with Cellarit before. When your first shipment of wine arrives the free storage period starts and lasts for 3 months. Insurance is not included, it's charged at $0.09 per $100 / month (min. $0.06/bttl)

    Getting Started. First, please open your account. It's free, it only takes a minute and there's no obligation. Then, click 'Send Wine In' to create an inventory of your wine and determine values. For large wine lists click 'My Home Cellar' instead, and then 'Transfer to Cellarit'. Pickups or drop-offs can be scheduled for any business day.

    What Happens Next. You'll receive a confirmation email with your pickup or dropoff request details, list of wine and its insurance value. Upon arrival we inspect and verify your wine vs. your inventory list, bar-code it and place it into your personal wine storage account. This process generally takes a week. You'll receive a detailed receipt report via email.

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