Wine Logistics - How Does it Work?

The highest quality, top to bottom, inside and out

Pallets in, solid or mixed dozens out. It's so easy and efficient!

When your container or shipment arrives, we check and receipt it, place it into climate-controlled storage and notify you by email. Then you can place delivery requests online any time.

All of the following processes are handled by our easy-to-use software via your online account. We developed our own website and software so it’s custom-designed to get the job done accurately with a minimum of fuss.

No phone calls or emails are necessary for day to day receipts and orders...but you can contact us any time if you have any questions, problems, special requests (such as expediting an order after cut-off), etc.

We especially want to hear from you if you have any feedback or suggestions, or want us to develop new features that will make your life easier! We pride ourselves on fantastic customer service and innovation.

The Details: Cellarit Wine Logistics 101

Don’t worry, it’s easier than it looks...

If you had to outline every step of boiling your favourite pasta, it would look much harder than it really is. But after you or your staff use our software a few times, you’ll be logistics ninjas in no time flat!

Before Your Wine Arrives

  • Sign into your account (or you can share the login details with your staff) and click on Send Wine In to create a manifest of the SKUs arriving at Cellarit, the quantity of each one and their values. You can use wholesale or retail values. If you need help, just ask!
  • Whatever values you use are the basis for any insurance claim for breakage, loss, etc. while in storage or in transit.

Arrival & Receipting

  • Upon arrival, we destuff your container or unload your wine from your carrier’s truck (under cover), then forklift your wine into our secure, climate-controlled coolroom, free of charge!
  • We send you a Wine Arrival Update notification email to let you know that your wine is resting comfortably in our climate-controlled warehouse, awaiting receipt.
  • The receipting process kicks off, it's meticulous and takes time: we count the quantity of each SKU and photograph an example of each one before handling your stock into pallet bays or shelves. The process can take a day or two.
  • When receipting is complete we send you a Wine Receipt Update notification email that includes: a detailed stock report: SKU or quantity variances (if any) as well as bottle packaging details (such as “presentation box” or “wood box”). If there’s any damage, we’ll note that, too.

Pick, Pack & Dispatch

  • Sign into your account (or you can share the login details with your staff) to view your inventory or place an order.
  • Placing an order is easy, just click Take Wine Out and choose any combination and quantity of your SKUs.
  • Choose one of your existing customers from a drop-down list or create a new customer. If it’s an existing customer, their delivery details will pre-populate in the text fields. Alternatively, fill in the blank fields for a new customer.
  • You can make modifications to any of the existing or new delivery details and they’ll be saved for next time.
  • You can upload your customer’s invoice, we’ll print it out at our end and pack it with your consignment.
  • You can add your own internal record keeping reference number
  • You can add your customer’s email address and we’ll send them:
    • a pre-shipment alert so they can let us know if any address details have changed, or if they prefer a different delivery date
    • a dispatch notification on the morning of dispatch with a tracking link
  • We’ll send you a Confirm Delivery from Cellarage email for your records. It includes all the wine & delivery details, our reference number and your reference number if you added one.

What If I Make a Mistake?
Your Cellarit Logistics Portal

Made a mistake? No worries...and no panic phone calls or emails required! Just sign in and click on your Logistics Portal link.

Your Logistics Portal is your own admin area where you can:

  • Cancel an order with one click. We’ll send you a Wine Transfer Cancelled email confirmation
  • Amend an order - for example, change the delivery details or the delivery date, etc. We’ll send you a Details Amended email confirmation.

You can also use your Logistics Portal to:

  • Create multiple outbound deliveries from Cellarit to your clients via a single file upload
  • Generate custom stock movement reports
  • Generate custom charges and payment reports

Next-day Delivery & Confirmation of All Movements

Next-day delivery is available to metro Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for orders placed before 2:00pm. Other shipments have transit times of 2-3 days. Airfreight and same day courier delivery are also available. Our software remembers your customers' delivery details so you don't have to retype them for future deliveries. You receive an email confirmation of your delivery request followed by a track & trace email when your wine is onboard for delivery.

Optional: Sell Your wine to thousands of Cellarit's retail customers

As a logistics customer, you’re welcome to list your wine for sale in the Buy Wine section of the Cellarit website.

  • You’re in full control of the prices and quantities for sale
  • You can make changes or remove your wine from sale, at any time
  • There’s no cost to list your wine, you only pay commissions upon sale

Your wine is available to our retail buyers and is also listed with the major internet wine search engines such as Google, Wine-Searcher, Vivino and Wine-Alert.

Cellarit handles all aspects of the transaction and absorbs the merchant fees, picking & packing expense. The buyer pays for delivery.

After you list your wine for sale, you don't need to do a thing because upon sale:

  • Your wine is picked, packed and delivered at no cost to you
  • Your inventory is automatically updated in real time
  • You receive an email notification of the transaction
  • The proceeds are posted directly to your Cellarit account
  • If your account has a credit balance we'll EFT it to your bank account

Please see the Sell Wine section of the Cellarit website for more details or Contact Us.

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