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Good News! You May Qualify for Super-Low or Free Transport:

  • Your 1st pickup fee is capped at 20 dozen no matter how many dozens we collect (transit insurance is extra)

Home Pickup? Tips for Packing Your Wine for Safe Transport

Please pack your wine:

  • In heavy-duty wine boxes*,
  • with dividers between the bottles,
  • and bubble wrap or "cushioning" material, such as crumpled newspaper, all around the bottles (bottom/top/sides),
  • and finally seal each box with clear packing tape and mark each box as "Fragile: Glass" on all side

*Wine in "original" boxes is not suitable for safe transport. Bottles can be removed and repacked (as above) or the entire original box can be packed into an additional outer carton. Cellarit boxes will fit up to 2 x original 6-packs, individually boxed magnums, etc. plus cushioning material. Cellarit can supply heavy-duty boxes/dividers for $6.00/box delivered, min. $30.00 per delivery. To arrange a box delivery, please call 1300 48 58 68 or email us.

If you follow the guidelines above for packing your wine you can be confident your wine will arrive safely at Cellarit. However, in the rare event that there's any breakage during transit it's a good idea to have photos of your wine during the packing process to demonstrate that you used sturdy boxes, dividers, bubble wrap, etc. Also take photos after the boxes are sealed with clear packaging tape.

Transit Insurance:

  • Transit insurance is 1.25% of wine value
  • View transit insurance coverage, exclusion & excess details

We apologise that wine not packed as described above may not be covered by the insurer in the event of breakage. Please note that a $500 excess applies for each claim. Transit insurance (underwritten by QBE insurance) does not cover all possible transit risks (for example, heat damage). You may wish to review the transit insurance Terms & Conditions for coverage and exclusions accordingly.


"Bottle" = 750ml. Magnums count as 2 bottles for calculating transport charges.

Shipping Boxes are Available When You Sell Wine

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heavy-duty wine box for delivery and storage

Cellarit can provide shipping boxes, if required

Your wine enjoys perfect storage conditions pending sale ...and you get money in the bank each month

You're selling to retail buyers, collectors, restaurants & trade Cellarit's popular gift service creates extra demand for your wine

Buyers flock to Cellarit from all around Australia and the world They come back regularly for great wine and customer service

Happy customers, both buyers & sellers...that's what it's all about! Cellarit strives to provide top service, satisfaction and value for money

Properly Cellared Vintage Wine

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heavy-duty wine box for delivery and storage

Perfect storage, rigorous inspection & fast insured delivery assure quality at every step

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