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1990 Bollinger R.D. Vintage Brut Champagne

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  • 99 - 100 This wine has that wow factor! It’s better than ??? or perhaps the perfect precursor to! You don’t forget this wine, and you tend to compare it to everything else that you try!
  • 95 -98  All the hallmarks of the wine with the ‘wow factor’ but just not quite there! Unique, beautifully proportioned, silk-like texture, amazing aroma, a complexity that typically, but not always, comes from long aging, showcases its ‘terroir’ - it couldn’t have been made anywhere else!
  • 90 -94 - Complex fruit that speaks for itself, lush, rich, intense, silky, superbly balanced, elegant yet powerful. Typically, a wine of this class displays many of the above characteristics. It has style and strength and is almost up there with the greats!
  • 85 -89  - Typically a very good wine, but maybe this year’s vintage doesn’t quite hit the mark! Stylish, well-made wines that often represent great value. Perhaps not the best in class, but very drinkable.
  • 80 - 84 Very quaffable, friendly, straightforward. Certainly not as complex or full bodied as the higher point wines, but nevertheless a good drop!