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Laurent-Perrier Brut L-P Champagne

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91 Points Tyson Stelzer

At 62% of Laurent-Perrier’s production, this cuvée alone accounts for around 5 million bottles annually, which makes its high proportion of chardonnay and long ageing all the more impressive. It’s a happy party quaffer in a fresh and fruity style, with lemon zest, red apple and white peach fruit. Tangy acidity is comfortably balanced by well-integrated dosage and a creamy bead. It finishes subtly firm and earthy, with a touch of phenolic grip.
Tyson Stelzer, The Champagne Guide 2016-2017.

Laurent-Perrier Brut L-P is the standard-bearer for the house style of Laurent-Perrier. Crisp, fresh, and elegant, Brut L-P reflects the fundamental essence of our Champagnes. Blended from over 200 base wines from more than 50 crus, the average vineyard rating on the quality scale is an impressive 94%. Between 10% and 20% of the blend is comprised of reserve wines, which allows our winemaker, Michel Fauconnet, to ensure stylistic consistency year after year.

Whilst vintage Champagne shows the character of a specific harvest, non-vintage Brut personifies the style of a particular House. Freshness, elegance, and balance, all of which are typical of Laurent-Perrier's wines, are found together in Brut L-P, year after year.

Chardonnay, is the dominant grape variety in Brut L-P. Its proportion is unusually high for a non-vintage Champagne blend, being double the average. Wines from more than 55 crus make up the blend (10% to 20% of which consists of reserve wines, though this can be higher in some years). Because of its balance and natural freshness, Brut L-P only receives a light dosage. Its ideal aging period is about three years.

The color is a pale golden hue, with fine and persistent bubbles. The nose is fresh and delicate, showing good complexity with hints of citrus and white fruit. Brut L-P's light style has led the way to making Champagne the ideal aperitif drink. Its perfect balance, crispness of flavors and finesse also make it the ideal companion for fish, poultry and white meat.

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Original Presentation Box with Twin Flutes

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