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Wynns Coonawarra Estate Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

A top notch Black Label

Reviewed by nicholas.enge_19549 - Wednesday 28 September 2011 01:43 PM

A top notch Black Label. I'm hesitant to draw this parallel on a wine site, but it came to mind, so why not.... each tasting of a modern Black Label is a similar happy experience to hearing an old favourite AC/DC song for the first time in a few years, in that part of both their greatness derives from their utter inevitability. You know what's coming and, when it comes, it's always great. In the case of an AC/DC song, it always starts with a riff, gets heavier, then screeched absurd vocals kick in, repeat a few times, then guitar solo, then frenzied finish that finishes with a whack. As for the Black Label.... Mostly cassis and mint on the nose. Rich red and black fruits in the mouth, slightly earthy. Firm tannin structure, nicely judged acidity. Lingering savoury finish. Still young, a few years short of showing at its best. Give it an hour or two of air if you're drinking now. As I said, top notch. I'm happy to have a few of these cellared, as it's travelling well, and my 2006 vintage son should be able to enjoy them after he passes legal drinking age, assuming that I have the self control to save him a couple. (Hat tip to for some of the words about AC/DC)

  • Rating: 94 (Average for all reviewers 94)
  • Drink: Cellar for at least 5 years

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