35 million user reviews and counting!

That's the number of user reviews posted on TripAdvisor - the first site most people go to before booking a hotel room!

The internet has made it easy for anyone to published their opinion, and the popularity of user review sites like TripAdvisor show that readers are really respecting what other users have to say!

The reasons are not hard to understand: most people are honest and fair in their comments and importantly their opinions are up-to-date!

Even the most avid expert wine reviewers can't sample every wine or re-taste a vintage after it has benefited from the recommended time in the cellar!

That's why your opinion about what you have tasted recently is so important to other wine drinkers.

Neil Martin, wine critic for the Wine Advocate, recently said, "I have always upheld that quality is less subjective than perception of aromas or flavours."In other words, if you think the wine is good, it probably is good. Don't worry if you can't identify the raspberry aroma with a hint of casis!

Another bit of good advice is 'to keep it short and keep it simple'. #1 Wine Dude, one of the most popular wine review websites, limits his review to the size of a tweet - 140 characters!

So thanks for your contributions.Merrilll Witt, Editor, Cellarit Wine Blog

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