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How to List Your Wine for Sale

  1. In My Cellar just click on the "adjust price/quantity" icon Adjust Wine Quantity/Price next to any wine to sell that wine*
  2. Enter the listing price and the quantity you wish to sell and click "Update"

It's as easy as that! A message on your screen will confirm the listing after you click "Update".

*If your wine isn't already in storage with us just click on Send Wine to Cellarit. We'll even cap your transfer costs to the first 10 dozen bottles.

Tips on Wine Valuation & All the Selling Details

  • How to find the right price to sell your wine

    Finding optimal selling prices is a snap with our "intelligent" link to the Wine-Searcher database of wine prices. Wine-Searcher is the "Google of wine" and buyers flock to it from around the world to help them with wine valuation and buying decisions.

    To take advantage of this free wine pricing tool:

    • Sign in to your Cellarit account
      - if it's your first sign in, use the Catalogue My Wine tool to create an inventory of your wine collection
    • Click on the pricing icon Adjust Wine Quantity/Price next to a wine and then on the link to Wine-Searcher
      - within seconds you'll see a results page of current prices for your wine from various retailers
    • Enter a sell price for your wine that's competitive with the other listings shown on Wine-Searcher

    If there's no current price listed on Wine-Searcher, try these valuation tips:

    • Check for your wine in Cellarit's Buy Wine pages and consider setting a slightly lower selling price
    • Use your purchase price plus a reasonable markup above your cost to set a selling price
    • Type your wine into Google for pricing clues or contact us
  • Here's what happens instantly & automatically when you list wine for sale...
    • Your "My Wine Cellar" list updates to show that your bottles are listed for sale
    • Your bottles are added to the Buy Wine listings and available to wine buyers
    • Your bottles are also featured in the New Listings tab

    ...And within hours your wine is also advertised via a variety of channels!

    • Your bottles are advertised via wine search engines and apps (such as Wine-Searcher and Vivino).
    • New listings, including yours, are emailed to thousands of wine buyers world-wide via the Cellarit Newsletter
    • Wine buyers can find your wine easily by typing "buy [winery] wine" into a search engine (such as Google or Bing)
  • Your selling price includes the 12.5% buyer's commission (min. $2.50/bttl)

    This method means your wine is advertised on a "like for like" basis compared with other retailers' wine. This is extremely important to help you sell your wine at a retail price instead of an auction price. Buyers hate surprises and a fee on top of the advertised price at checkout will scare them away.

  • Your seller's commission is also 12.5% (min. $2.50/bttl)

    ...but you can earn up to 2.5% of that back in the form of credits for reduced or even free storage!

  • Your Proceeds = (listing price) - (buyer's commission) - (seller's commission)

    Your proceeds are calculated after subtracting the buyer's and seller's commission from your listing price.

  • How and when do I get paid when I sell wine?

    Payments (net of any wine storage fees) are direct-deposited into your bank account on the 15th day of the month following the sale. Or you can use your proceeds immediately to buy other wine from Cellarit. GST is included in all of Cellarit's fees and Cellarit handles all GST aspects of the sales process as part of its service.

  • You can make price changes anytime

    You can change your prices anytime. If your wine is selling so quickly that it's "flying out the door" consider raising the price. If your wine isn't selling consider lowering the price (it will feature on the price drops tab for added exposure). You can add more bottles for sale or remove bottles from sale anytime.

  • What happens when I sell some of my wine?
    • You receive an instant notification email each time you sell wine
    • Your Cellarit account is credited with your wine sales instantly
    • You receive a sales summary on your monthly invoice
    • Your end of month credit balance is EFT'd to you the following month
  • How is GST determined and applied when I sell my wine?
    • You receive an instant notification email each time you sell wine
    • Your Cellarit account is credited with your wine sales instantly
    • You receive a sales summary on your monthly invoice
    • Your end of month credit balance is EFT'd to you the following month

It may take longer...but you'll sell your wine for more!

We work hard to ensure that if somebody is looking for your wine, they'll find their way to Cellarit and buy it at the price you set. If it's a well-known wine that's well-priced it will sell quickly. If it's a lesser-known wine it will take longer to sell. Regardless, we're confident you'll achieve better prices and put more money in your pocket!

Properly Cellared Vintage Wine

  • Direct from Cellar
  • Quality Assured
  • Next Day Delivery

Perfect storage, rigorous inspection & fast insured delivery assure quality at every step

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